Straight Sided Spline (Stock List)

# of TeethDescriptionMajor DiaMinor DiaMax Pull
61″ 6B1.000.8442-1/4″
61-3/8″ 6B1.3751.1692-1/2″
61-5/8″ 6B1.6251.3811-1/2″
62-1/2″ 6B2.5002.1232″
101-1/4″ 10C1.250.976/1.0152″
101-3/8″ 10A1.3791.2502-1/2″
101-3/8″ 10B1.3771.1812-7/8″
101-3/8″ 10C1.3771.1132-7/8″
101-1/2″ 10B1.5111.2892-1/2″
101-1/2″ 10C1.5021.2143″
101-3/4″ 10B1.7501.5032-1/2″
101-3/4″ 10C1.7501.4172-1/2″

If you do not see the tool required to produce the part you need, don’t worry we can rent or purchase additional tooling for what ever customer needs arise. We look forward to speaking with you about your Straight Sided Broaching needs.